March 26 2015 By Posted in Product News

Datametrie Mobile APM

Boosted by 4G deployment, mobile internet is on its way to becoming the primary means of communication in the near future. For native mobile apps as for responsive/mobile web sites, there are high stakes in performance.   Mobility: how things stand Creating a mobile app can be a laborious process when the phases of the development cycle are ...

March 25 2015 By Posted in Product News

Audio analysis with Newtest

The Newtest Robot / NTBR 7.6 CU7 offers a new primitive for sound recording: StartAudioCapture. This function enables you to perform the following actions: audio capture and transmission of the file to NMC supervision in the form of a diagnostic (generic sending function for ...

March 25 2015 By Posted in APM

User experience has gone mobile!

The internet public has for the most part moved from desktops to smartphones and tablets.   According to a study released by AT Internet in September 2014, usage patterns evolved as follows in the year between June 2013 and June 2014: Web sites: -6.8% Mobile sites: +68% Mobile apps: +45%   While 61.2% of ...

March 20 2015 By Posted in Expertise

Antivirus software providers and performance

This month, we looked at antivirus software delivered online, a business segment where the Czech Republic has two well-known champions. We found a very mature market with still some surprises...   How do AVG & Avast perform versus other global competitors? The antivirus software industry is a favourite sector in the Czech Republic and ...

March 17 2015 By Posted in Expertise

Collaborative project: Platform for Quality Evaluation of Mobile Networks

A preceding issue announced that the project would get underway in January 2014. We take this opportunity to report on its progress and to inform you of a few achievements. To refresh your memory, the project’s mission is to define the reference systems in France and in Europe for measuring the perceptual quality of mobile networks and services. This project is backed ...