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Velocity 2015: HTTP2, the current situation

HTTP/2 (aka H/2) was discussed at a number of sessions at Velocity 2015 in Amsterdam. Here are a few nuggets about this new version of HTTP. Google, an engine with a purpose for this new protocol We all know that Google is working hard (and generating work) on the ecosystem in improving the performance of web sites. According to the US business ...

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Velocity 2015: A toolbox for performance testing and analytics

The Velocity convention always give us a chance to discover or rediscover a whole range of free tools designed to help developers test and analyze performance. Here is a selection of some very interesting ones:   Tools for the web For testing and debugging web sites Fiddler is not new but it ...

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Velocity 2015: Building Real-Time metrics pipeline by AOL

  Velocity 2015, the international convention dedicated to web performance and operations, is being held this year in Amsterdam. On location in Amsterdam the first day, we attended a very interesting presentation by AOL (now recentered on media). The topic was “Building real-time metrics pipelines”.   It was a presentation of ...

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How Windows 10 can affect the internet

The arrival of a new Microsoft operating system is always an event. The arrival of Windows 10, particularly because of its means of distribution, has attracted a lot of attention. This is the occasion, a little over a month after its release, to take stock of what we observed. First of all, the distribution tactic that Microsoft chose for Windows 10 is fairly ...

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The new 2015 load testing suite: Datalimit 3.0

The world of IT no longer needs to be told about the benefits of load testing. It knows. Load testing has, in fact, become an essential part of validation prior to rollout, and is vital for guaranteeing business lines that the application will be able to cope during high-traffic periods (sales season, for instance) without adversely affecting the user’s experience ...

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An ip-label milestone in big data analytics

So far people have been using RUM BI to analyze the performance of web pages. Now the new version of the RUM BI big data platform combines custom dimensions with new views, a breakthrough in the field of customer knowledge (internal and external) driven by powerful integrated analytical functionalities. The treemap view, when combined for ...

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The new Datapm offer is available!

Datapm is a new building block which completes ip-label’s existing offering. This offer can monitor all of your application nodes in your data center. The agents installed on your servers collect all of the network traffic of your applications. These data are sent to the Datapm SharePath server ...