December 03 2015 By Posted in Expertise

SLA in a cloud environment

For reasons of economy and efficiency, the cloud has become an increasingly indispensable part of the application chain. The IT department is responsible for the quality of the digital services it provides to the company’s internal and external clients. And yet, when those services depend on the cloud, IT finds itself in the position of a client with respect to cloud ...

September 21 2015 By Posted in Expertise

Web performance: the keys to success

A web site’s performance can affect business in very direct ways. Time is of the essence! If the site makes people wait too long, they will look elsewhere for better service. What constitutes good performance from the user’s perspective? How can you make sure your site is designed well and continues to perform to design in order to live up to user ...

January 22 2015 By Posted in Expertise

User timing

Conventional passive methods measure the time between a user action that results in page loading (such as a click on a URL) and the onload event. In particular this is the case of any method where the script is injected automatically into the web site that is being monitored, as is done by APM tools. This approach is perfect for sites that have a classic kind of design. It is much less perfect ...

December 09 2014 By Posted in Connected Services

Connected objects

A market that Gartner estimates at 300 billion dollars by 2020 is attracting attention and whetting appetites! Smart and connected objects are popping up everywhere and are the subject of conferences far and wide. Gartner also puts the summer of 2014 at the “peak of inflated expectations” of its cycle ...

December 01 2014 By Posted in Expertise

The Métroscope observatory

ip-label takes part in the Métroscope observatory. On the 3rd of October ip-label was involved in the 4th day-long event of the Métroscope observatory in France. Métroscope’s purpose is to provide the scientific community with an instrument for observing the digital world of the internet.   By providing the tools, data, and representations of these data ...