Consulting: a QoE expert


These days, CIOs are striving to find ways to:

    • improve the capacity of their infrastructure to optimize performance and turn their information system into a genuine competitive advantage;
    • obtain an independent conclusion report showing the various levels of malfunctions and the associated financial loss;
    • demonstrate to internal decision-makers the favorable result of IT investments;
    • make a new technology available to all colleagues and improve the quality perceived by users.


Our teams

ip-label consultants are all experienced professionals with several years of expertise. They are trained in telecommunications and networks or IT. Before they coming to ip-label, they worked as consultants, project directors and technical or operations project managers. Their diverse profiles allow the Consulting department to meet all requirements related to quality of information systems, and therefore to respond effectively to unique situations.

These consultants are experts in analyzing the performance of information systems operating on IP networks (internet, intranet and extranet). Backed by a unique international observation network, they provide you with accurate analysis of the current status of your QoS and identify ways to improve on this performance in order to achieve maximum return on investment.

Whether they involve business applications, call centres or even the introduction of a VoIP or Video on Demand solutions, these issues require impartial and independent advising on quality aspects: quality of service remains the key factor in the success of your business.