Analyses and benchmarks

 Analyses of where your performance stands in a market


    • How am I positioned in comparison with my competitors?
    • Will the promises this technology holds be kept?
    • What strategic level of quality do we need to achieve in order to gain a certain competitive edge?


This audit of competitiveness allows you to rate your performance with respect to your market, and to obtain internal and external proof of the performance of your e-services (benchmarking web performance). ip-label elaborates competitive benchmarks and studies (performance web) in order to:

    • set service levels to achieve and help you negotiate your SLAs
    • provide positioning studies in relation to a market
    • supply internal/external proof of quality delivered


ip-label calls on its extensive metrological network in order to evaluate the pertinent indicators for a specific market thanks to web monitoring technology. With ip-label, you benefit from an extensive metrological network with 100 measurement points throughout the world recording almost 100 million measurements around the clock every day (24/7) in real time. Because of the many agreements signed with international and local operators, ip-label is able to entirely fulfill its role as an independent third party for retrieving the right performance indicators.



    • definition of a business sector panel
    • definition of customer transactions emulating usage
    • evaluation through a significant measurement campaign
    • comparative analysis of performances and availabilities
    • analysis of strengths and weaknesses


Throughout the course of a project, we regularly hold debriefings to review the services provided, answer your questions, gather information and present the methodology implemented. At the outcome of the measurement campaign we provide report of your positioning. We assist you with your competitiveness studies in order to jointly check the real quality level and the level expected in your market.


Other services:

    • Analysis of VoIP/ToIP performance
    • Analysis of the performance of TV broadcasting systems
    • Analysis of the performance of mobile applications
    • Performance analysis of your e-services