Metrology Audit

Audit your performance by an expert


    • If you have performance problems with a critical application
    • If users are complaining about slowness at certain times of the day
    • If you need to know and accurately measure the quality delivered to the user
    • If you want to position yourself with respect to your competitors
    • If you want a factual, metrics-based analysis by an impartial and independent third party


ip-label’s consulting team can assist you in diagnosing your performance problems. For each mission, ip-label appoints an experienced consultant as project manager, the customer’s main contact. The ip-label consultant: a trustworthy third party in the digital universe.

The impartiality of measurements, or even benchmarking of perceived quality, is a critical point for many players in the world of IT as it is for organizations mindful of the effectiveness of the applications that they make available to their customers, suppliers or partners.


Auditing entails:

    • analysis of the issues in consultation with the customer
    • designation of a relevant measurement architecture
    • deployment and measurement
    • summary and presentation of results


Performance audits are carried out with the tools developed by ip-label. These tools combine active and passive methods.The active method specifically offers: scenario runs at regular intervals and a baseline for monitoring service levels (SLA). The passive method specifically offers analysis of the performance of real traffic and multiple-criteria discovery (geographical, terminal, etc.).

Benefits of an Audit by ip-label:

    • Definition of the scope of responsibility thanks to objective measurements
    • Snapshots of the application’s behavior within specific timeframes
    • Quantification of the benefits of setting up a solution (CDN, virtualization, etc.) to optimize your application
    • Advice and recommendations
    • Insight into load/performance interaction
    • Rate of satisfaction provided (by terminal, ISP, by branch office location or catchment area, by network landline vs mobile)
    • Discover high-stake issues (e.g. premium tickets via mobile)
    • Greater reactivity in response to an increasingly rapid digital world