Newtest audit

Your needs

  • Do you need confirmation of the stability of your scenarios?
  • Are you planning to integrate Newtest into a high availability project?
  • Are you looking to virtualize your Newtest solution?
  • Do you wish to optimize your Newtest solution and measurement scenarios?
  • Are you about to migrate to Internet Explorer 8 and want to know how to prepare your measurement scenarios?
  • Do you want a technical check-up of your Newtest infrastructure?


Newtest infrastructure audit

ip-label proposes a service for auditing your Newtest infrastructure. This one-day audit performed by a Newtest specialist will take stock of your Newtest infrastructure, check its sizing/dimensioning, and set up good practices in accordance with your purposes. Through this audit, usage of the solution will be optimized.


Procedure and deliverables: Newtest infrastructure audit

The audit is performed on the two elements that make up your solution – Newtest Entreprise Portal and Newtest Robots – on a representative sampling of the fleet of installed robots.
Following the diagnostic, the consultant provides you with a document that details the state of the Newtest architecture in place, as well as recommendations for improvements or corrective actions to implement.


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