Performance testing

The needs

Load testing is a component of any company’s quality assurance program insofar as it permits an application’s operation to be validated. Load testing is carried out: prior to rollout of a new application to make sure it conforms to specification; when a new version is rolled out, to confirm :

    • the advantages of the new version
    • that there is no regression
    • that performance and availability are at least equivalent to those of the previous version.


Reproducing an application incident that occurred during production makes it possible to understand and fix the problems encountered..


Load testing allows you to determine

  • The platform’s maximum capacity (measured in number of unique visitors per hour)
  • The response time degradation point
  • The platform’s availability degradation point
  • The weak links in your architecture (network, servers, configuration, etc.)
  • The platform’s break point


The degradation points indicates where bottlenecks are situated. The load sensitivity of each functional step shows you where the contention points are.


Our approach

This is a turnkey service. A consultant assists you throughout the project and is your own customer contact.. We apply a rigorous, tried-and-true method. Load testing is carried out in the following steps: :



Our strengths

With over ten years’ experience in load testing behind us, ip-label gives its customers detailed and dependable assistance so that they can make the most of load testing. Thanks to our dedicated architecture, no investment on the customer’s part is required. Load tests can be carried out over the internet, which provides you with insight into the user’s experience and allows you to test the entire architecture from end to end.