Analyses and benchmarks

ip-label offers website performance benchmarks and analyses to compare your performance with that of your competitors. Our third-party audits provide proof of the performance levels of your e-services, for your internal and external communications.


Analysis of where your performance stands

Conducted by a trusted third-party, our benchmarks reveal whether your technology delivers on its promises, and also show you the strategic level of quality to strive for to ensure your competitive edge. ip-label elaborates studies and competitive benchmarks in order to:

  • set service levels to achieve and help you renegotiate your SLAs
  • provide positioning studies in relation to a market
  • supply internal/external proof of the quality delivered

ip-label relies on its extensive metrological network to determine where you stand with respect to your competitors in a specific market. The numerous agreements ip-label has signed with international and local operators make us entirely able to fulfill our role as an impartial third party to provide you with the right performance indicators.


Conduct of the analysis

  • definition of a business sector panel
  • definition of customer transactions representative of usage
  • assessment through a significant measurement campaign
  • comparative analysis of performance and availability
  • analysis of strengths and weaknesses



Throughout the course of a project, we regularly hold review meetings to take stock of the service we provide, answer your questions, gather information, and present the methodology implemented. At the outcome of the measurement campaign we provide a report on your positioning. We assist you with your competitiveness studies to review with you the real level of quality and the level expected in your market.