Performance testing

Whatever your field of business, your web applications (intranet & internet) have become strategic points that deserve your fullest attention. It is vital to gain accurate knowledge of their limits through load/stress testing.

The Needs

Load testing plays a part in the company’s approach to quality by contributing to application validation. Load testing is carried out prior to rollout of a new application to make sure it conforms to specification, or during the rollout of a new version, to confirm :
  • the advantages of the new version
  • that there is no regression
  • that performance and availability are at least equivalent to those of the previous version
  • areas for improvement

Load testing enables you to determine

  • the platform’s maximum capacity (measured in number of unique visitors per hour)
  • the response time degradation point
  • the platform’s availability degradation point
  • the weak links in your architecture and/or application (slow SQL requests, bottlenecks in the code, etc.)
  • the platform’s break point and the component at the origin of it (server capacity, application, configuration, etc.)
Degradation points indicate where bottlenecks are situated. The load sensitivity of each functional step shows you where the contention points are.

Our approach

ip-label provides load testing as a turnkey service. A senior consultant assists you throughout the project and is your own customer contact. We apply a rigorous, tried-and-true method. To round out the user’s point of view, we resort to ip-label’s introspection solution for an end-to-end view of transactions, from the client browser all the way through to the database. This in-depth vantage point completes diagnostics with advice on how to optimize code and improve configuration of your Java, .Net, and PHP applications.

Our strengths

With over ten years’ experience in load testing, ip-label provides its customers with reliable guidance so that they can make the most of load testing. Our dedicated architecture requires no investment on the customer’s part. Load testing can be performed over the internet to provide you with insight into the user’s experience and enable you to test the entire architecture from end to end. Using our APM tool in tandem with load testing, we can pinpoint the application’s problem spots right down to the line of code.