Assessing user experience in a mobile environment:

The convergence of broadcast distribution services, the internet, and mobile services — in addition to the transition from fixed to mobile TV and the deployment of multimedia systems — is currently a primary objective of the audiovisual and telecommunications market. The mass market, but also corporate environments, will adopt new mobile usages only if they go hand in hand with impeccable quality of experience.


The ip-label solution

ip-label evaluates the user-perceived quality of web sites and applications for mobile usage. Our offer consists of a method of active measurement carried out by robots that control real devices (iOS and/or Android) or methods entailing analysis of the real traffic that your users generate. It includes return of quality indicators, generation of dashboards, and sending of alerts when the application is unavailable or performing poorly. The whole is comprised in the ip-label software suite, in SaaS form (Datametrie GX) or under license (Newtest).

ip-label evaluates the user-perceived quality of transmissions in a mobile environment. We aim to establish a quality baseline for measuring these services end to end for all mobile networks.


ip-label offers you its expertise with a view to:

    • assessing the perceptual quality of your applications
    • checking the alignment of your goals across different channels (fixed and mobile)
    • getting a grasp on complaints specifically from mobile users
    • objectively measuring performance during changeovers or rollouts of new releases


ip-label at your side during the Mobile revolution

There is no question that smartphones and tablets, whether running on iOS or Android, have been a rousing success, and applications are coming out in droves. Companies see this as a way to boost their revenues and improve their brand image. But what impact could an unavailable or sluggish application have?

ip-label offers a QoE monitoring solution specific to mobile applications. This is a solution that monitors the quality of service delivered to users of mobile applications, measures availability and response times, and issues alerts when service deficiencies are detected even before mobile users are affected. Lastly, the solution enables IT departments to demonstrate their command of new technologies using performance reporting for these mobile applications.