What issues do customers face?

    • Can my network handle Voice over IP (VoIP)?
    • Are my calls routed quickly and reliably?
    • Is the sound quality acceptable?
    • Are my messaging and call forwarding services available?
    • What are the main anomalies reported on my telephone network?



The ip-label solution

ip-label has developed a quality baseline for telephone communications. This makes it possible to objectively assess transmission quality, speech quality and call connection as they are actually perceived by end-users.

The indicators that are measured and certified by ip-label are used by companies and their service providers to test the performance of telephone services on VoIP/ToIP architectures.

      • In the study phase: to compare and select suppliers or service providers, and to internally defend the legitimacy of that choice by demonstrating the profitability of the project (SLA monitoring project with their partners)
      • In the pilot phase: to optimise the performance of systems or services before rolling them out fully to all users: for example, to validate the network capacities of LAN and WAN.
      • In the reception phase: to certify that the systems or services delivered meet the expected performance levels.
      • In the operating phase: to continuously check quality and establish a reliable, incontrovertible diagnosis of malfunctions


Tailored assistance

ip-label is ready to help during the pre-production and operating phases of telephony deployment projects on an outsourced Centrex platform under an operator’s responsibility. Whether you are an operator or an end-customer, our expertise is there for you to make remote sites work with complete security.

There is, at present, a severe shortage of support, advice and information for companies on how to choose the right service provider. We will help you to reduce the risks associated with migration, and can monitor the quality of this service continuously, in real-time, in order to optimize the project’s ROI. Migrating your telephony to external IP thereby becomes a genuine “managed service” with QoS as the core requirement.

    • an unbiased and independent view of the quality perceived by the end-user.
    • a multiple network quality reference: IP/TDM/GSM
    • an end-to-end quality baseline for incoming, outgoing, intra-site and inter-site calls
    • validation of the accessibility and quality of Interactive Voice Response and Call Centres
    • possible integration with the company’s other information streams to achieve data-telephony convergence