Web performance

Monitoring Web Applications

Users of web applications are more and more demanding. They want to connect anytime, anywhere, from any device, and within an acceptable lapse of time. Anything that takes more than 2 seconds to load lacks fluidity and can frustrate visitors to a public internet site, causing them to leave the page or even connect to a competitor’s site.  In an intranet environment, your teams’ productivity and your company’s efficiency are directly affected by deterioration in web application performance.The technical performance of internet sites has thus become a strategic issue. Nowadays it is imperative to measure the perceived quality of your web applications whatever the access environment, whether on a desktop computer or mobile device, and regardless of browser, in order to ensure the satisfaction of your users. Website performance monitoring is thus critical.

Now that web 2.0 has come of age and access to cloud computing environments is simpler, web sites are becoming increasingly complex and evolve constantly to implement enriched user interactivity, HTML 5, CSS3, streaming video, smartphone and tablet compatibility, and more.

In such an environment, how can you measure and analyze the impact:

    • of dynamic and rich components (Ajax, JavaScript, Flash, etc.)?
    • of third-party content on your pages (links to social networks, advertising, etc.)?
    • that the device or browser used has on your site’s performance?
    • that poor performance has on your audience, your conversion rate, or your referencing?*


ip-label: the end user’s viewpoint

ip-label solutions provide you with insight into the performance of your web application in real time, whatever its technology and level of complexity. Our solutions measure the perceptual quality of your web applications (internet / intranet) from end to end – web monitoring. The advantage to ip-label solutions is that they measure the perception of your “virtual” users through synthetic monitoring (robot), combining this approach with real-user monitoring that measures performance as it is actually experienced by all of your real users.




For your online applications

ip-label provides solutions for monitoring the performance and availability of:

    • your public website through a home page or a user transaction (navigation, search, order entry, checkout, etc.)
    • your mobile web site or application
    • your private web application (extranet, intranet) or that of a third party
    • your web services (SOAP, REST) and protocols for web browsing (HTTP, DNS, network connection, routing, etc.)
    • your e-mail services online (webmail) or via communication protocols (SMTP/POP)
    • your streaming transmissions (Flash, Windows Media, iPhone, HTTP, live streaming, etc.)
    • your download or file transfer services (FTP, HTTP, progressive download)