Real-User Monitoring

Real User Monitoring for a complex web world

Real User Monitoring

Web environments have become increasingly complex. The quantity of objects within a page and the number of outside domains these pages call upon have skyrocketed. On the user’s side, fixed and mobile devices have multiplied and diversified, while response time expectations have remained constant. Lastly, browsers are now updated very frequently, forcing web applications strive to remain compatible and perform optimally. This fragmented web landscape means it is no longer enough to measure performance solely with active robots, for those measurements are limited to a handful of representative configurations. Real-user monitoring can complete the performance view.


Why monitor the performance delivered to each user?

To roll out a new version of a site or validate the effectiveness of optimization campaigns in a window of time constricted by agile developments, the service administrator needs an accurate view of performance in all usage contexts. E-retail and e-service managers can thereby focus their teams’ efforts on the origin of the deteriorations detected.

Today’s business executives want to adapt service performance indicators by distinguishing between fixed and mobile usage quality. At the same time, indicators must remain within an identical, controlled functional perimeter. In terms of successful service and monitoring, the stakes are the same for internet applications as for intranet applications. This is why measuring performance based on real traffic is indispensible to round out quality management.


ip-label’s real user monitoring solution

ip-label provides solutions for analyzing the performance of a web application or a web site on the basis of its real traffic. Measurements are made from the user side via a component within the application. It collects the response times of each critical step and compares them by user location or by user hardware and software configuration. Moreover, it correlates performance with the number of visitors in order to identify any degradations during peak traffic periods.

ip-label’s Real User Monitoring solution is:

    • Simple: universal, easy-to-install instrumentation for web applications (JavaScript tracer or embedded library), within the grasp of any web site manager
    • All-encompassing: performance in all usage contexts (device, browser, location, type of network, etc.) for a single page or an entire web site
    • Flexible: an adaptive model that adjusts to the volume of measurements and the dimensions of analysis
    • Fast ROI: immediate display of the outcome of performance and usage during rollout or resulting from optimization of a site in production, without any other test instrumentation



This offer includes on-location or inter-company training to hand over the solution and work with your teams on supervision and analysis reports. Our Consulting team moreover can help you build more sophisticated dashboards and use advanced functionalities in line with your business objectives.