End-to-End Monitoring

ip-label’s end-to-end monitoring solutions enable customers to proactively (24/7) measure the performance of digital services to assess customer’s quality of experience.


End-to-end monitoring for improved user experience

Monitoring application performance end-to-end provides the perspective and experience of the user rather than concentrating upon traditional quality of service (QoS) metrics such as the network, database, telecoms provider etc. The true strength of this approach is that measurements take into account all of an application’s technical components from the end user’s workstation right through to the application. In this way, they are representative of the quality of service received by end users. Consequently, they are meaningful to business units for negotiating service level agreements with their IT service providers. Companies previously tracked quality using systems or network monitoring tools but this is not enough to ensure user satisfaction. Monitoring application performance end-to-end from the user’s perspective provides a full view of application performance.


The End User

Our end-to-end monitoring solutions take a complete look at a company’s infrastructure. This enables them to more accurately detect where performance issues occur in order to proactively detect performance issues or incidents and thus establish normal service delivery before end-users are impacted.  Thus, observation from the standpoint of the user, either directly or by emulating a user’s execution of a whole transaction, makes it possible to obtain a perception of the quality of service delivered to the user.


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