Monitoring critical applications

A company’s operational performance and ability to reach objectives is today inextricably linked to application performance. It is therefore extremely important that companies minimize risks associated with unavailabilities or performance problems for their business critical applications. Monitoring your critical applications allows you to measure the quality perceived by the actual users of your applications and digital services.


Monitoring critical applications

ip-label offers a wide range of solutions for IT application supervision or monitoring critical applications covering all of your needs:

  • Your internet services: your web site, e-mail services (SMTP/POP3/IMAP), streaming, downloads (FTP, TCP), etc.
  • Your business applications: Citrix, Lotus Notes, various business applications (SAP, procurement, HR, logistics, etc.), mobile applications (iPhone) as well as the quality of your network.


End-user monitoring of application performance

ip-label’s solutions enable customers to monitor application performance thus helping them to align their IT services with business requirements. Monitoring critical business applications makes it possible to integrate end user oriented indicators into service agreements enabling companies to:

  • guarantee the level of availability and performance of business-critical applications,
  • promptly repair defective or deteriorated application service,
  • prevent recurrence of incidents and diagnose their cause,
  • assist the helpdesk and operators in managing and resolving incidents.


Monitoring critical application performance from an end user perspective also helps customers to identify the root cause of any incidents or performance problems before they impact upon end users and thus the business performance as a whole. Whatever the configuration of your applications, your organization, or your deployment constraints, ip-label can provide you with the solution that best matches your needs for monitoring the availability and performance of your IT applications.


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