Service Level Management (SLM)

ip-label provides end-user monitoring solutions that facilitate the implementation of service level agreements (SLA) and service level management (SLM). Our solutions provide round-the-clock insight into the availability, response times and performance of all types of digital services from the end user perspective. This enables quick and easy identification of malfunctions, immediate notification of incidents, and resolution of problems before they affect users.


ip-label & SLM (Service Level Management)

SLM involves the procedures and tools which serve to manage the processing and feedback in the context of resolution of problems associated with an application identified as a service. A number of applications or groups of users/clients may experience simultaneous incidents. The service provider must prioritize according to how vital the application is and in accordance with the terms of the service level agreement. Our end user experience monitoring solutions help establish a baseline reference for establishing contacts in the context of Service Level Management (SLM).


How to optimise your SLM?

  • Establishing and negociating Service Level Agreements. Our solutions provide a historical view of performance and service levels provided over time in order to establish a performance baseline that the IT department can successfully deliver. This baseline can then be used for negociations between IT and business units.
  • Monitoring service levels and Service Level reports. Our solutions measure application performance for the user’s perspective over time. Consequently, the service level objectives cans be compared with appropriate reporting to track overall performance.


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