Stress testing / load test

Web users want excellant web perfromance which means fast response and web loading times. They also want to connect to a web site at anytime, from anywhere, using any type of device and within a reasonable time. If a web site suffers from poor performance then quite simply a web visitor will leave and go to a competitor and may never come back. This can impact not only the corporate image and lead to customer frustration but may also have a direct impact on sales revenues. This is where stress testing or load testing can help.


Stress testing your critical applications to their limits

Consequently, a company needs to know the website’s limits. This is especially true for e-commerce websites or any web site that generates sales revenues such as ticket sales and so on. Can you imagine the financial impact on a e-retailer if the website is not able to handle the increased load during the Christmas sales period and thus the site fails? Moreover, can you imagine the frustration if a company launches a new internal web application for staff (CRM, stock control, etc) and then the application fails to work and support the requests. These examples highlight the role of load testing


Stress test your apps to boost business performance

ip-label has a team of load testing experts who offer a turnkey solution to load testing or stress testing. Our experts provide you with a complete stress testing solution to help you tackle the following issues:

  • I expect my web application’s audience to increase by 300% on a certain day (e.g. sales season)
  • My users complain about how long it takes to browse the site during peak periods (e.g. DMS)
  • I’m moving to a new solution/application version and want to make sure not to lower performance for an equivalent audience (e.g.: Websphere 4 > 5)

Our teams will help you to  understand how an application responds to a load input model on the basis of simultaneous executions of realistic customer transactions. Our team can thus help you to define the need and will also provide you with a detailed report and presentation of results and recommendations.


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