June 03 2016 By Posted in Connected Services

Where quality of experience means quality of life!

Of the many acronyms that make the internet of things so beguiling and bewildering, PWD (persons with disabilities) should be added near the top of the list of “IoT Most Significant Markets”. Internet of Things and persons with disabilities Major ICT events focusing on PWD or sponsoring PWD-tech panels now have a solid history of attracting ...

April 22 2016 By Posted in Expertise

The keys to successful, high-performing web sites

Web response times: it’s all about the browser… and other things! It is useful to start with a comparative study any investigation into how browsers affect the response times of websites. We have the tools to test one or more sites whose visitors use a variety of browsers. It is not enough to test the top 3  (Chrome, Firefox, IE), because ...

March 07 2016 By Posted in Expertise

MWC 2016: from IoT to 5G

The 2016 Mobile World Congress (MWC) showcased the dynamism of the global mobile ecosystem. The technologies available for connecting to mobile networks now range from the internet of things, using low-power technologies (LPWAN or LPN), to 5G whose early stages were presented. The latter eventually will allow videos to play in 4K resolution thanks to connectivity on the ...

February 17 2016 By Posted in Expertise

ip-label 2016: from ITIL to DevOps

For nearly 15 years, ip-label has applied an ITIL-based rationale. The considerations that guided our approach were: what types of service to provide and to whom; how to create value added for our customers; how to define the quality of services; how to ensure continuous improvement of our services in an ever-changing digital world ; and how to best ...

February 09 2016 By Posted in Expertise

The PoQEMoN project in phase with ARCEP’s focus on mobile connectivity issues

On 19 January 2016, ARCEP (the French national telecommunications regulatory authority) presented the findings of its strategic review. 36 participants active in the telecoms ecosystem contributed to it, including ip-label. The quality of mobile infrastructures naturally came under consideration because the stakes are huge. Excellent connectivity in all circumstances has become a ...