July 05 2016 By Posted in Expertise

MongoDB and ElasticSearch

MongoDB and ElasticSearch were designed to meet very different needs. Originally Mongo was intended to address data storage issue in a big data context, while ElasticSearch (ES) provided indexation and searches within the databases. Over time, the evolution of these two products gave them certain similarities to the point where they started to be found in comparable use ...

June 29 2016 By Posted in Product News

RUM BI for business applications

Use of the RUM BI tracer for enterprise portals or web business applications is not well known, but is entirely possible both for SaaS versions and Office 365 through various content customization mechanisms. In Sharepoint 2013, the ‘Add-ins’ and ‘Web Parts’ let you add the JavaScript code, the ip-label RUM BI tracer which captures loading ...

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ip-label in China: 9 years already!

In spring 2005, the French TV channel M6 broadcast a special report on China, portrayed as a possible Eldorado for French enterprises. As the time, ip-label’s total workforce consisted of only 30 people, and experience in conducting business internationally was limited to a few customers in Belgium and Spain.  A novel idea took shape in our minds: what if ip-label ...

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Where quality of experience means quality of life!

Of the many acronyms that make the internet of things so beguiling and bewildering, PWD (persons with disabilities) should be added near the top of the list of “IoT Most Significant Markets”. Internet of Things and persons with disabilities Major ICT events focusing on PWD or sponsoring PWD-tech panels now have a solid history of attracting ...

May 29 2016 By Posted in Product News

Newtest: Disaster recovery plan (DRP)

As recently announced in the preceding issue of Newtest Mag, Newtest’s disaster recovery/business continuity function has evolved in version 3.0.1. It now includes the DR Director wizard for switching the NEP portal to a failover site and switching back to the NEP portal of origin when it becomes available again.     With respect to WMware ...