Administration/Public service

For administrations and public service


The public sector is currently investing in the latest and most sophisticated information technologies and wants to concurrently develop a Quality approach from which citizens and civil servants alike will benefit.

ip-label’s range of services cannot fail to address your needs: if you are learning towards outsourcing metrology and delegating management of the measurement service, we propose first and foremost our SaaS solution; if, on the contrary, you wish to be fully autonomous and build your own measurement system, we suggest our license mode solution.


Ensure availability & performance of digital services for citizens

ip-label solutions allow you to measure and improve availability, speed of access and the reliability of citizen services provided via the internet or the latest interactive voice response platforms.

Our solutions are applicable to such varied transactions as requests for official documents, payments or online tax returns, or, more generally, any administrative procedure that is now automated and whose smooth operation must be validated from end to end.

They can, furthermore, be used in such contexts as invitations to tender, various regulations, urban transport websites, city council information, information for economic missions overseas or, more generally, any form of public information.


Set up reporting on the quality of your critical applications

ip-label has developed an “executive report” service offer which allows you to define a quality dashboard specific to your business and your applications. This dashboard can be populated with metrics straight from ip-label measurement tools, but also with metrics internal to the company (measurements of satisfaction levels, number of incident tickets, etc.).

Executive reports allow you to keep track of business and to communicate internally as well (with the General Manager, business departments, etc.) with very visual graphics elaborated on factual data.


Ensure optimum usage conditions for all of the technologies available to civil servants

ip-label solutions allow real-time testing of the actual fixed and mobile usage conditions that agents experience on numerous applications: management of human resources and electoral rolls, archiving of documentation and management of civil status and more, including IP telephony, unified messaging and management of online address/phone books and daily planners.


Customer References

Météo France, RZF, Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie, Pole Emploi, etc.