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The importance of new technologies in contact centers is becoming a vital issue. The quality of customer relations now includes a digital dimension, which is present at all levels and is just as vital as the human dimension.


ip-label solution:

ip-label’s vocation is therefore to give companies the opportunity to test the digital quality of their customer relations in real time, objectively answering questions such as:

    • Is the interactive voice server always available? Is the recognition of DTMF sequences and/or speech recognition always fast and reliable?
    • Is the time taken to connect to a call centre via the ACD fast enough (apart from the availability of call centre advisors themselves)?
    • Is the speech quality of the exchanges between customers and call centre advisors satisfactory? This depends on the diverse telecoms networks used for routing incoming and outgoing calls to and from the call centres. In particular, for offshore call centers, communications will be routed more often than not via long-distance IP networks on which voice flows are compressed for economic reasons, possibly affecting voice quality.
    • Are CRM application access times in line with customer request processing time objectives? Call centre agents must be able to log on and retrieve customer data before they can process customer requests.
    • How can we make sure that outgoing SMS calls are reliably routed within a suitable timeframe?


With ip-label solutions, contact center managers have a comprehensive dashboard at their fingertips so that they can assess and check the quality of all aspects of customer relations.


Customer References

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In partnership with TechCity, ip-label is also involved in the TMCC (Technical Mystery Contact Challenge) awards, a French annual benchmark of technical support performance.