For internet service providers and operators

Since it was established, ip-label has always been on hand at the launch of new products/services by ISPs and telecoms operators and, in response to demand, has developed measurement tools and methodologies aligned with their QoE specifications.


Consumer market

On the consumer market, quality is now at the centre of triple play and quadruple play offers, and it will be a key element of success in the long term.

The performance of internet browsing, the time it takes to access the mail server, the speech quality of telephone calls, the video quality of live or on-request television programmes, as well as the effectiveness of parental control software, are as many indicators that can be measured and analyzed by ip-label, not only with a view to validating each operational, software or hardware update before it is actually rolled out to the entire subscriber base, but also for permanent access to an up-to-date QoE barometer about the state of each component within the triple play or quadruple play offer.


Customer relations

As a telecoms operator or internet service provider, you must be able to conform to the high expectations of the market as well as legislation concerning customer relations. The issues associated with the quality of customer relations are challenges whose scope extends beyond human interactions. The quality of the digital services/infrastructures that are available to customers (interactive voice response, internet, e-mail and chat applications) along with the quality of call centre agents (CRM applications) are equally decisive factors.


Corporate market

On the business enterprise market, product innovation efforts must be supported by an enhanced quality policy in order to guarantee the commercial success of the latest services such as Voice over IP, fixed/internet/mobile convergence and the outsourcing of internet and business applications. ip-label solutions can effectively test and, where appropriate, commit to contractual levels of performance for professional users, whose expectations in this field are still much higher than those of subscribers from the general public.


Customer references

Orange, SFR, DartyBox, Bouygues Telecoms, Numericable, etc.