SaaS vendor

If you are a SaaS vendor

To keep pace with developments in usage patterns and contend with their customers’ financial constraints, more and more software vendors are adjusting their solutions to SaaS delivery models. Monitoring users’ quality of experience (QoE) has become essential for guaranteeing customers optimum service. Likewise, performance is another key differentiator that sets a service apart from its competitors.


Adopting a user-oriented quality approach

ip-label helps SaaS editors measure and improve the perceived quality of their services. Quality of experience monitoring provides:


    • In production :
      • alerting upon detection of an incident during 24/7 monitoring
      • generation of internal reports on the basis of objective measurements
      • analysis of incidents from the user’s point of view
      • a complete view of response times for every user
      • checks on how new rollouts affect the user’s experience


    • In pre-production/study phase:

      • foresight into future needs by measuring performance on the pre-production platform,
      • decision aids for validating the outcomes of changes in technology,
      • a basis for anticipating counterperformance for receipt of new versions.


QoE at the core of your marketing/customer relationship strategy

Centering your strategy on the users of your solution guarantees them a good experience with your applications, strengthens the customer relationship, and boosts user loyalty.


    • At the marketing level: QoE distinguishes you from your competitors on the basis of objective metrics about the availability and performance experienced by your users.


    • With respect to customer care/production: It measures the quality of service delivered to your customers, checks the quality of experience of each user, monitors SLAs neutrally, and establishes a common baseline for all of your customers.

Guarantee your users an optimum experience

With its new generation monitoring solutions (active & real-user), along with its expertise as a trusted external institute with a reputation for neutrality and independence, ip-label assists you in setting up the tools you need for complete measurement of the performance of your applications.

In this way, SaaS vendors with a solution consisting of one or more robots on the outer edge of the hosting platform can obtain reports about the response times delivered to users. The robots feed back measurements of the quality delivered 24/7, making it possible for the vendor to build SLAs in line with the quality of experience delivered to its users. Exhaustive measurement yields response times for each user, and output can be tailored in custom reports.