Systems integrators

For integrators, hosts or IT service companies

ip-label supports IT and telecoms providers in their approach to measuring, checking and certifying QoE. From pre-sales to implementation and operation of services, ip-label offers its QoE measurement tools and expertise as a “trustworthy third party” to IT service providers at each stage of the development of solutions for end customers.

An impartial and independent measurement method for validating the end-customer experience.


During the pre-sales, acceptance or pilot phases:

    • prove the quality of telecoms and IT infrastructures using unbiased and independent indicators
    • ensure the end customer that a telecoms or IP infrastructures (number of simultaneous calls or connections) can withstand a load increase
    • validate the capacity of an end-customer’s WAN and LAN infrastructures to convey VoIP traffic
    • obtain third-party certification for the acceptance stage of application platforms
    • have an unbiased and independent quality baseline ready for the pilot phase


 In production:

    • implement QoE-oriented monitoring, in addition to system and network-oriented monitoring (Cacti, Nagios and Hpov, etc.), to validate the performance of services from end to end
    • by means of a single software solution, validate the performance of a company’s full range of application services (Citrix, Windows TSE, web, e-mail, FTP, VoIP, video, etc.)
    • simultaneously evaluate access times to Internet or Intranet platforms from 26 countries throughout the world, no matter which media-type is used – fixed or mobile
    • deliver to the end customer an ergonomic and comprehensive report online, including several sections intended for various groups of users (technical and business): summary dashboards, detailed analyses of tests and anomalies detected for technical experts, and real-time monitoring for operations teams, etc.
    • optimize the time of project teams by using ip-label teams and tools to automatically generate performance reports: weekly management report, monthly consolidated reports and semestrial summary reports. etc.
    • rely on the ip-label Diagnostic Center to assist you in analyzing measurements and any anomalies encountered.