A leader in quality of experience management

All across the globe, ip-label solutions measure the quality of applications as users themselves perceive it on business applications as well as on web, voice, and even TV over IP platforms. A trustworthy third-party relying on its own metrology infrastructure and independent institute, ip-label is sought out by enterprise-class companies and their providers to track the performance of the critical applications that give them a competitive edge, as well as by telecom operators and IT companies mindful of the robustness of their infrastructures.

The completeness of the range of its product offerings (synthetic and real-user monitoring solutions) and the assistance it provides every day have made ip-label the European frontrunner in the measurement of the perceived quality of digital services through the development of:

    • a local presence throughout Europe (France, Spain, the Nordic countries), Tunisia, and China
    • a network of certified partners in Europe and the United States
    • 1600 direct and indirect customers the world over (banking / insurance, e-retail, telecoms, public administration, services, etc.)
    • an extensive metrology network with 100 measurement points worldwide
    • ISO 9001 accreditation unique to its market


Our vision: a user-oriented approach

Measuring quality of experience is THE answer for achieving your IT and business objectives (end-user experience monitoring).  It is an approach based on perceptual quality, and has been legitimated for a number of IT and business contexts. It addresses the need to:

    • define and monitor SLAs in the relationship with outside providers, such as IT outsourcing specialists, providers of cloud services (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, CaaS), CDN service providers, and online content providers
    • align IT and business for the enterprise’s overall performance
    • develop practices in conformity with ITIL recommendations

Furthermore, in a field that is evolving more and more, the legitimacy of QoE measurement is on the rise with respect to two major trends:

    • the increasing complexity of IT environments (Web 2.0, rich internet applications, virtualization, setup of SOA architectures, telephony migration to IP, etc.)
    • the rising diversity of user configurations in terms of devices (PC, smartphones, tablets) and access interfaces (from thin client to thick client)


As a result we are convinced that non-exhaustive tools provided without assistance are no longer adequate responses to usage contexts, nor are they enough to ensure a return on your investments (ROI). Only by combining synthetic monitoring with actual user perceptions and your business indicators will you be able to identify nonperformance and optimize your applications to attain your goals.


A full-spectrum offering

ip-label’s offering has evolved over 10 years to become one-of-a-kind on the market today. It consists of 4 complementary modules:

    • Active or “synthetic” monitoring solutions: Using robots (virtual users), these solutions establish the availability and performance of critical customer paths, and are deployed on public or private networks.
    • Passive or “real user” monitoring solutions: These solutions establish the performance of web applications for 100% of connected users, and analyzes metrics across various dimensions (geographical location, ISP, OS, browser, business dimension, etc.).
    • Load testing services: These tests stress applications in order to determine their capacity to handle load increases with a view to future rollouts, virtualization, or seasonal audience peaks.
    • Consulting and assistance services: What distinguishes ip-label on today’s QoE measurement market is its ability to assist IT managers as well as business managers with the entire range of QoE project phases, whether directly or via its certified partners.