ip-label institute

The ip-label Institute: a trustworthy third-party for impartial and unimpeachable measurements

The impartiality of measurements and benchmarks of perceived quality is a crucial point for many IT players, as well as for organizations keeping close watch on the efficiency of the applications that they provide to customers, suppliers or partners.




This is why in addition to its software solutions and service offer, ip-label has gathered within its Institute the technical and human resources required to certify the measurement devices it sets up. With 100 million measurements performed each day at every level, ip-label operates its own metrology infrastructure along with those designed for the internal applications of customer enterprises.

Because of the many agreements it has made with international and local operators, ip-label is able to fulfill its role as an independent third party by ensuring complete reliability of the measurements carried out internally by its customers and by reporting correct IT application performance indicators in push mode or on request. Thus ip-label is able, for instance, to publish benchmarks of the quality of IP voice, data and TV services delivered by telecom operators anywhere in the world, or assess the performance of portals of major companies which have made the web the bedrock of their customer relationships.