ISO certification

ip-label, a neutral and independent institute for the measurement of user-perceived quality of digital services, has received NF ISO 9001:2008 certification covering the whole of its metrology and consultancy business in the perceived quality of digital services. In the context of its qualitician activities, ip-label attaches great importance to assuring its clients that the institute applies to itself a quality policy in line with the standards it upholds.


After several months of audits, Bureau Veritas delivered ISO 9001:2008 certification to ip-label, which thereby became the first institute of measurement of the perceived quality of digital services in the world to be certified ISO 9001:2000 compliant. This standard is part of the ISO 9000 series pertaining to quality management systems. It comprises a list of organizational requirements necessary for the establishment of a quality management system which makes it possible to determine the certification-worthiness of the organism.


This international certification underlines the organizational aptitude and rigorousness of the staff at ip-label and its constant efforts to consistently offer the best service to its customers. The scope of ISO certification includes all activities carried out by ip-label as regards measurement and consultancy of the perceived quality of digital services. This ranges from software design, validation and deployment to operation and production of measurements for customers. Compliance with security policies for customers’ data is also included in the certification. In the same way, sales and sales administration processes underwent audits.


The award of this certification allows ip-label to showcase the quality of the services it offers. A veritable guarantee of its professionalism and reliability, conformity with ISO 9001 is a pledge of seriousness and rigorousness for ip-label’s customers.


ip-label committed itself to an ISO quality undertaking with a view to optimizing its processes and especially to put its best business practices to work within each and every one of its teams:

  •     by seeking synergies and optimizing resources
  •     by listening to its customers
  •     by anticipating their needs in a rapidly expanding market


After appointing a Quality Manager and enlisting the assistance of an external company, ip-label carried out implementation of its quality approach as well as the setup of its Quality Management System (QMS) in one year. That year saw the creation of a full set of documentation, increased awareness of quality issues, and also the elaboration quality baselines in line with ISO requirements and with those specific to ip-label’s business.