Our business field

Monitoring end-user quality of experience

For over 15 years, ip-label’s business has focused on measuring the quality of the user’s experience (quality of experience or QoE) from end to end – end-user experience monitoring. ip-label offers software solutions as well as auditing and consulting services. It stands out from the rest of the QoE market for its all-encompassing approach to application environments: ip-label’s expertise spans web, business, voice, and video applications.


User perspective (QoE) compliments technical monitoring (QoS)

In the realm of supervision (production) and validation (pre-production), the conventional approach consists of measuring the technical parameters of each component (for instance, indicators would be CPU and memory for a system component, latency for a network, etc.). This approach is not enough to guarantee an application’s good working order from the standpoint of the end user.


Measurement of application performance from end to end, as well as measurement of the user’s quality of experience, is indispensible for:

    • checking the availability and reliability of critical customer paths, step by step
    • assessing application performance as it is perceived by the customer: response time for a web or business application, loading time for a video, acoustic quality for telephony, etc.


Our approach is founded on an all-inclusive view from the user’s standpoint to round out the technical approach based on QoS, making it possible to correlate “user” quality of service indicators with technical indicators. These can be correlated on network frameworks or quality of service data warehouse solutions, thereby ensuring maximum integration and consistency of service measurement and monitoring.