Business case

ip-label has built up a client base of more than 1500 major international accounts with customers from all major industries including finance, telecommunications, retail, manufacturing, and services. Our solutions for end-user monitoring of the quality of service, in addition to our consulting services, enable our customers to align IT with business through end-user application performance management for cost-effective improvement of IT service quality.

Here is a selection of our business success stories from customers who trust ip-label with their application performance management projects.


“We wanted to be in a position to anticipate problems, to be proactive rather than wait for the client to have a reason to complain. We also wanted to be able to view their usage conditions end to end.”
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Newtel Essence
“ ip-label provides us with an efficient means of continuous monitoring of the quality of speech delivered to our hosted contact centers via the telephony channel.”
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“ Thanks to ip-label, we gain real-time knowledge of how visitors perceive In the event of a service disruption, ip-label tools enable us to quickly diagnose the cause of error and deduce whether the malfunction stems from our own equipment or rather from third-party components that we integrate into our pages.“
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“ At present we are under no obligation to collect and report all of this data. We do so voluntarily, to make sure that we are offering our customers excellent service. We are willing for our performance to be compared to that of other institutions. Thanks to Newtest technology from ip-label we are ready and able to do this! ”
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