White Paper

Toward sustainable performance of cloud computing


Virtually every supplier in the IT arena has some kind of Cloud Computing component or even a comprehensive offer in its catalogue. Alongside almost all of these offers, potential customers are served a hefty dose of marketing talk.  As the long-standing trusted third party in the digital world, we felt it important to help companies gain a clearer understanding by shedding our neutral and independent light on the situation.

The paper was written:

    • in partnership with itSMF, with the kind contribution of Thierry Chamfrault, Board Member and Head of the “Education and Standardisation” Committee,
    • and with testimonials from Olivier Carré-Pierrat, Director of Infrastrucutres at Euromaster, and Pierre Matuchet, Deputy general manager VSC Technologies.

The document is divided into four sections: an overview of the current market (key players, offer segmentation, deployment models, etc.), an analytical review of busienss development conditions, feedback from the ground (Euromaster and VSC Technologies testimonials) and an outlook on the Cloud Computing market.

We hope this book will help you better understand the key issues at stake for the companies of the future.





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