Stress your applications to the limit

Datalimit is a load testing offer that provides you with a set of user quality of service indicators. By correlating the indicators that result from load testing, Datalimit shows you whether your application keeps its promises. The tests additionally highlight contention points as well as sensitivity to load in terms of the performance and availability of your application.

Datalimit is designed for all companies that have a major stake in the performance of their web sites and applications (intranet/internet) and the sizing of their platforms.

Load testing with Datalimit helps you avoid the following risks:

      • loss in revenues
      • saturation of your hotline
      • deterioration of your image (internally and externally)
      • loss in productivity
      • bad investment choices


Datalimit: a virtual user

Datalimit is a complete load testing offer oriented towards the user’s experience (tests can be carried out on the internet) for every type of web, mobile, and cloud application, however complex they may be. Datalimit is available in license mode so that you can perform all of your own load testing. The product is structured around three modules: Datalimit Scripting, Datalimit Console, and Datalimit Reporting.

Protocols covered:

      • All complex web applications that require a high level of variabilization: HTTP 1.0, 1.1, SSL, Ajax, Flash, Flex technologies, etc.
      • FTP, e-mail (SMTP, POP3, IMAP4), NNTP, Telnet, LDAP, database, streaming, and more


ip-label relies on Datalimit to perform its load tests as a service. Datalimit has over 10 years of expertise behind it, and has enabled ip-label to carry out 100% of its services successfully.

ip-label: your partner in application testing

Above and beyond the tool itself, ip-label provides advising and assistance to its customers to enable them to make the most of load tests. Assistance consists of three main components:

      • training on Datalimit by our consultants
        • getting started
        • advanced scenario scripting
      • assistance with methodology for successful load testing
      • implementation in project mode of your load tests based on your license


The Benefits

      • a complete load testing solution for all types of web application
      • user-oriented experience (tests can be conducted over the internet)
      • SLA-oriented feedback
      • involved assistance by our load testing specialists