Application Performance Monitoring

Application Performance Monitoring

Application Performance Monitoring

In an increasingly complex technological environment, IT departments are facing significant challenges: continuous integration requiring new functionalities to be delivered more and more speedily, all while ensuring application reliability and performance. At the same time, users are ever more demanding with respect to performance. They turn naturally to Application Performance Management for help.


User-Centric Application Performance Monitoring

Response time deterioration has an immediate impact on productivity, revenues, and corporate image. How can you stay in control as performance problems become increasingly difficult to diagnose? The purpose of our User-Centric APM (Application Performance Management) offer is to give you full visibility and ways to bring this complexity under control.

Business Cases 


Application Performance MonitoringUser-Centric APM par ip-label

In the APM market (Application Performance Management), ip-label has always stood out for its resolutely user-centric approach as well as for the quality of the assistance it provides. Our complete offering and our specialists enable enterprises to consistently deliver the best digital experience to their users and customers, with the help of:

  • synthetic monitoring solutions: robots provide a reference that is stable over time, conducting 24/7 proactive measurement of the availability of your critical applications.
  • real-user monitoring solutions: measurement of the experience of 100% of your users to give you a more precise view of technical dimensions (devices, browser, CDN, etc.).
  • a troubleshooting solution: lets you understand what is going on deep inside the application, right down to the line of code, and offers the ability to finely diagnose the problems at the heart of your applications and database interfaces.


Successful Application Performance Management with ip-label

Guarantee optimum performance for all of your users with our user-centric APM offer, and get the performance of your critical applications under control in 5 steps:

  • Measure: monitor your users’ quality of experience on your critical applications.
  • Understand: gain insight into the impact on the user, the application, and the architecture.
  • Diagnose: pinpoint the origin of the incident with visibility into the code and the application’s internal operation (root cause analysis).
  • Optimize: identify the causes of incidents and set clear, objective priorities for improvements.
  • Analyze: make sense of your data with reports that correlate your technical metrics with business and quality of experience indicators.