End-User Monitoring

End-user monitoring

Monitoring End-User

Your applications are the life blood of your business. If your business critical applications stop working correctly, your business will simply fail.  How do you know if your applications are performing correctly? Are your users, customers and partners satisfied? Do they complain or simply suffer in silience and stop using your application? End-user monitoring provides full insights into application performance as well as user experience.


End-User Monitoring to improve user experience

In the domains of monitoring (production) and validation (pre-production), the conventional approach is to measure the technical parameters of each component (CPU and memory for system components, latency for a network, etc.). This approach is no longer enough to guarantee smooth operation of an application from the point of view of the end user.

ip-label offers you the user’s viewpoint thaks to a range of end-user monitoring solutions enabling you to check the availability and reliability of critical customer paths step by step, and to observe the application’s performance as it is perceived by the customer.  

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Our user-centric monitoring solutions

End-User Monitoring

Track end user performance

Since 2001, ip-label has been assisting enterprises with their application performance issues thanks to a range of solutions that monitor end-user experience. We offer our expertise so that you can:

  • Rely on a trustworthy third party , an unbiaised, independent specialist to measure the availability of your critical applications.
  • Build service level agreements (SLAs) with internal and external providers.
  • Increase the audience for online services and conversion rates for e-commerce sites.
  • Improve the user’s experience, the cornerstone in customer relationships.
  • Align IT and business to further the overall performance of the enterprise.


Our end-user monitoring offer stands out in the APM market because of its all-inclusive approach to application environments: web, business, voice, video applications on the internet or intranet, and mobile (2G, 3G, 4G, etc). Discover our complete offering for application performance monitoring:

  • Newtest: to measure the quality of experience on all of your critical applications.
  • Datametrie GX: to measure the quality of experience of 100% of your users.
  • Datapm: for visibility right down into the code of your applications in production.
  • Datalimit: to test your applications’ load sensitivity.
  • Dataviz: to combine your quality of experience indicators with your business metrics.