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Load testingLoad testing

Delivered as a turnkey solution, ip-label’s load testing offer gives you the answers to your questions:

  • Does my application conform to specifications?
  • Does it show regression compared to the earlier version?
  • Is the architecture correctly sized to handle the expected load?
  • How does virtualization affect my application’s quality of service?

load testing reportingFind out exactly where your infrastructures limits are

ip-label tests the user’s experience of your platform, pinpointing its defects and making recommendations on how you can optimize it, without taking sides. The aim is to load test the ability of web applications to handle increases in load by stressing them to the breaking point. These tests make you aware of the scalable points of your application.

Using this information you can anticipate unavailability problems or access bottlenecks that can appear frequently during traffic peaks.

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 End-user vision

Load testing can be carried out from the intranet or the internet. ip-label provides a dedicated load-testing infrastructure with bandwidth speed of over 1GBits/s.

Unlike other load testing solutions on the market, ip-label performs tests from end to end, by stressing the application from the internet, on the user side.

Business Case

load testing analysisBusiness, audience, and analysis-oriented displays

Load testing lets you know whether your objectives have been achieved and with which configurations. Your targets can be measured, for instance, by number of orders or number of unique visitors per hour.

Load testing also allows you to visualize the load sensitivity of all user behaviors (scenarios). This part makes it possible, in particular, to pinpoint bottlenecks.

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