monitoring websites

Monitoring web applications

Web application monitoring helps you to guarantee optimal service for your users:
  • enhance loyalty among existing customers and win new ones over
  • increase your teams’ productivity and the efficiency of your business
  • secure and amplify your online revenues
  • boost the image of your company and brand.

Web application Monitoring

Monitoring web applications to measure user experience

ip-label’s APM solutions determine the performance of your web application in real time, whatever its technology and level of complexity. They measure the perceptual quality of your web applications (internet / intranet) for all of your users.

The advantage to ip-label solutions is that they measure the perception of “virtual” users through synthetic monitoring (robot), combining this approach with real-user monitoring which measures performance as it is actually experienced by all of your real users.

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Monitoring Web apps

Web site monitoring to keep performance under control

Our web monitoring solutions measure user experience for all of your web applications, including:

  • your public website via a home page or a typical user transaction (navigation, search, order entry, checkout, etc.),
  • your mobile web site or app,
  • your private web application (extranet, intranet) or that of a third party
  • your API services (SOAP, REST)
  • your streaming transmissions (Flash, Windows Media, iPhone, HTTP, live streaming, etc.)

Business Case 

Web application analysis

Pinpoint your performance problems

In a highly complex web environment under constant evolution (user interactivity, HTML 5, ‘responsive’ version, and mobile compatibility) our web application monitoring solutions help you identify the origin of your incidents and diagnose your performance problems for analysis of:

  • the impact of dynamic and rich HTML content (Ajax, JavaScript, Flash, etc.)
  • the improvements brought about by distributed cache content (CDN)
  • how third-party content affects your pages (links to social networks, marketing affiliation, advertising, etc.)
  • how poor performance affects your audience, your conversion rate, or your referencing

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