Real-User Monitoring

Real-User Monitoring

Today’s business executives want service performance indicators that take account of real usage contexts, DevOps have to know about performance issues at every level, and help desk staffers need to see what’s happening on the user side. For all of these needs, real-user monitoring (passive monitoring) has become indispensable for managing digital quality of experience.


RUM measuring 100% of users & usage contexts

In terms of quality experience, the stakes are the same for intranet applications, websites, and web, web-enabled, and mobile apps. At the same time, metrics must allow for analysis that distinguishes, for example, between fixed and mobile apps. This is why real-user measurements are ideally conducted on 100% of users, regardless of device, browser, and location.

Measuring performance based on real traffic, real-user monitoring tools from ip-label provide a precise view of performance in all usage contexts. Used in conjunction with active measurement analysis services, our passive monitoring solutions offer real-user intelligence of performance levels.

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Real User Monitoring (RUM)

Our real user monitoring solution analyzes the performance of native, web, and hybrid apps and websites on the basis of their real traffic – quality of experience. Measurements are made from the user side via a JavaScript component within the application or web page. This tracer collects the response times of each critical step and compares them by user location and/or by user hardware and software (including browser) configuration. Moreover, it correlates performance with the number of visitors to identify any degradation during peak traffic periods.


ip-label’s RUM solution:

  • RUM

    Complete performance view (100% users)

    Simple: universal, easy-to-install instrumentation for web applications (JavaScript tracer or embedded library), within the grasp of any web site manager.

  • Comprehensive: performance covering all usage contexts (device, browser, location, type of network, etc.) for a single page or an entire web site.
  • Flexible: an adaptive model that adjusts to the volume of measurements and the dimensions of analysis.
  • Fast ROI: immediate display of performance and usage outcomes during rollout or resulting from optimization of a site in production, without any other test instrumentation.

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RUM analysis, guidance & assistance

This offer includes on-premise or collective training to familiarize you with the solution and work with your teams on RUM supervision and analysis reports. Our consulting team moreover can help you build more sophisticated dashboards and use advanced functionalities incorporate real-user data in line with your business objectives.