Synthetic monitoring


Synthetic Monitoring (active)

The performance of your business is related to the performance and availability of your critical applications. It is therefore important to measure the performance of your critical service in order to detect any incident or performance deterioration proactively, before users are affected. This is where synthetic monitoring can help.


Synthetic monitoring to proactive track performance

Since 2001, ip-label has been developing synthetic monitoring (active monitoring) solutions to help customers optimize the performance of their digital services. Our synthetic monitoring tools measure the availability and performance of your critical applications as they are perceived by users. With proactive measurements, conducted within a defined usage context, you can track your Service Level Agreements and diagnose unavailabilities and poor performance.

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A proactive virtual user

Synthetic MonitoringOur synthetic (active) monitoring offer simulates any operation that is representative of a typical client’s use of your digital services.

Synthetic monitoring: whether dedicated or shared, our robots have a lot to tell you

  • Spread out across a hundred points of presence (PoPs) around the world, shared robots are connected to the core of the main operators’ networks.
  • Installed on request within an intranet environment, dedicated robots are a response to the needs of a specific measurement environment (browser version, VPN, thick client to install locally, etc.), as well as to your wish to operate our solution internally.


Acting as end users with high value-added features, the robots in this active metrology network produce application performance indicators reflecting performance as it actually would be perceived. They alert you 24/7 in the event of errors, incidents or unavailability which are detected by integrity checks and data coherence checks:

  • from one or more points on private or public IP networks
  • from their standard usage context (fixed terminal at the heart of the network, mobile device connected to a mobile network) in calibrated environments

Whether the robots are shared or dedicated, they trace the user’s experience under standard usage conditions (end customers, nomadic staff, etc.) in a stable and controlled calibrated environment.

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