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Black Friday: is online shopping falling short of customers’ expectations?

Black Friday and its aftermath are always a major event for many shoppers who plan to pounce on good deals and get their shopping under way for the holiday season. For this ultimately foreseeable rush, paradoxically, not many e-retailers seem to be ready.   Conventional retailers not as prepared as purely e-commerce players like Amazon, ...

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Mobile Apps: from expectation to reputation

Whether your mobile apps make extravagant claims of sophisticated service or simply propose to accomplish a straightforward task efficiently, those promises create expectations. Not living up to expectations can damage your reputation as fast as disgruntled users can post their star ratings. Fortunately this state of affairs doesn’t have to be entirely ...

Network APM
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How is your network treating your applications and their users?

These days, most forward thinking enterprises are prepared to invest in improving the performance of their applications. They know speedy tools cut down on frustration and make their workforce more productive. But one of the hardest things about IT investment is knowing what to invest in to get the best results. Application chains are complex, ...

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Building trust between cloud providers and users with APM

A year ago to date, the European Commission published the results of a study on the economic impact of cloud computing in the Digital Single Market. It found that 303,000 new businesses, in particular SMEs, could be created between 2015 and 2020 through the development of cloud computing.   SLAs and cloud monitoring This cloud computing study ...

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The Customer Success Team

Customer satisfaction has always been a top priority at ip-label. Last summer we reshuffled our teams to create a new organization: the Customer Success Team. Customers benefit from personalized follow-up in line with their business environment.   The Customer Success Team: “We Care. You win.” The  Customer Success Team is the ...