Interactive Voice
January 29 2018 By Posted in Connected Services

Interactive voice: that was then, this is now, what’s next?

A few years ago, analysts were predicting that speech would replace touch within a few years as the most common way of interacting with smart devices. That was then, this is now, and it’s safe to say that on speech hasn’t replaced touch just yet. But the uses of voice are innumerable, and the popularity of voice-enabled devices and services has indeed ...

Connected Car
January 05 2017 By Posted in Connected Services

Carmakers poised to capitalize on mobile connectivity

For the New Year, let's revisit some of the trends and latest developments regarding the connected car. Following the Paris Motor Show, the “Mondial de l’Automobile 2016” held in fall late 2016, let’s take a brief look at three (of the many) connected vehicle strategies presented this season.   Connected cars and user experience Ford ...

June 03 2016 By Posted in Connected Services

Where quality of experience means quality of life!

There are many acronyms that make the internet of things so beguiling and bewildering. The latest, PWD (persons with disabilities) should be added near the top of the list of “IoT Most Significant Markets”. Internet of Things and persons with disabilities Major ICT events focusing on PWD or sponsoring PWD-tech panels now have a solid history of ...

January 17 2015 By Posted in Connected Services

Internet: the third wave – the biggest of all?

There are 28 billion good reasons to take an interest in the topic. The internet of things (IoT) is becoming the third wave of internet development. Fixed internet took us by storm in the 1990s, when about a billion people became connected. The second wave, mobile internet, brought aboard another 2 billion in the years 2000. The internet of things has the potential of connecting around 30 ...

December 09 2014 By Posted in Connected Services

Connected objects

A market that Gartner estimates at 300 billion dollars by 2020 is attracting attention and whetting appetites! Smart and connected objects are popping up everywhere and are the subject of conferences far and wide. Gartner also puts the summer of 2014 at the “peak of inflated expectations” of its cycle of the maturity of specific technologies.  After this peak, we can ...