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Free Mobile kicks off the holiday season with fantastic 4G service

These are the findings of analysis of data collected over the past three months from tests conducted by mobile users. Tests we undertaken running the 01Net SpeedTest assessment app on the networks of the four main French operators. You may recall that this measurement application was created as part of

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What is WebSocket, anyway?

WebSocket is a communications protocol that is part of the HTML5 specification. The API is currently being standardized by the W3C. The protocol is supported by most recent browsers. It offers the possibility of a persistent full-duplex channel between the server and the client. This innovation paves the way for a revolution in the design of dynamic, real-time ...

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Outcome of the PoQEMoN project (FUI 16) for metrology of mobile services and networks

The mission of the PoQEMoN* project is to define the reference systems in France and in Europe for measuring the perceptual quality of mobile networks and services. This project was supported by the Systematic competitiveness cluster, by the French government through its FUI interministerial fund (BPI France and the French ‘DGE’ directorate), as ...

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An extraordinary autumn!

The 2016 fiscal year closed with growth surpassing forecasts, and the group’s next financial year is off to a flying start. This 48th issue of our newsletter briefly describes a season full of new tidings. You will discover all of our product innovations across our entire product range: Datametrie, Newtest, Datapm, and mobility, covering all of your user ...

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MongoDB and ElasticSearch

MongoDB and ElasticSearch were designed to meet very different needs. Originally Mongo was intended to address data storage issue in a big data context, while ElasticSearch (ES) provided indexation and searches within the databases. Over time, the evolution of these two products gave them certain similarities to the point where they started to be found in comparable use ...

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ip-label in China: 9 years already!

In spring 2005, the French TV channel M6 broadcast a special report on China, portrayed as a possible Eldorado for French enterprises. As the time, ip-label’s total workforce consisted of only 30 people, and experience in conducting business internationally was limited to a few customers in Belgium and Spain.  A novel idea took shape in our minds: what if ip-label ...

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MWC 2016: from IoT to 5G

The 2016 Mobile World Congress (MWC) showcased the dynamism of the global mobile ecosystem. The technologies available for connecting to mobile networks now range from the internet of things, using low-power technologies (LPWAN or LPN), to 5G whose early stages were presented. The latter eventually will allow videos to play in 4K resolution thanks to connectivity on the ...

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ip-label 2016: from ITIL to DevOps

For nearly 15 years, ip-label has applied an ITIL-based rationale. The considerations that guided our approach were: what types of service to provide and to whom; how to create value added for our customers; how to define the quality of services; how to ensure continuous improvement of our services in an ever-changing digital world ; and how to best ...

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The PoQEMoN project in phase with ARCEP’s focus on mobile connectivity issues

On 19 January 2016, ARCEP (the French national telecommunications regulatory authority) presented the findings of its strategic review. 36 participants active in the telecoms ecosystem contributed to it, including ip-label. The quality of mobile infrastructures naturally came under consideration because the stakes are huge. Excellent connectivity in all circumstances has become a ...

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Orange delivers 4G coverage at 50Mbps on the Paris-Lyon line at 300km/h!

4G on the Paris-Lyon high-speed railway We recently discovered that the operator Orange has deployed its 4G network on almost the entire Paris-Lyon TGV high-speed railway.  This is what was demonstrated by our recent experiments within the framework of the Platform Of Quality Evaluation for MObile Networks project. This collaborative project, ...