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Apple: Objective-C to be replaced by Swift?

A lot of OSX and iOS developers are worried that their favorite development language will soon disappear in favor of the astonishing rise of the new language that Apple is calling ‘Swift’. Proclaimed much more efficient than Objective-C, Swift is supposed to improve user experience significantly. Swift is a programming ...

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Testing your infrastructure and your website in a complex environment

It is common practice to build a web site according to a responsive model, as is managing a mobile version of a web site. Pages are becoming increasingly complex and require sophisticated development of HTML code. Infrastructures are likewise affected by these evolutions, and are now hosted in the cloud. Measuring how web sites perform and their capabilities under load ...

April 21 2015 By Posted in Expertise

New generation load testing

Conventional load testing consists of using several servers, called injectors, to simulate thousands of virtual users. They reproduce the main journeys of your users.  But for a successful load test, it is important make sure you don’t miss the weak link.  Today major changes are taking place in the IT sector and in usage patterns. These developments mean we all have ...

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Antivirus software providers and performance

This month, we looked at antivirus software delivered online, a business segment where the Czech Republic has two well-known champions. We found a very mature market with still some surprises...   How do AVG & Avast perform versus other global competitors? The antivirus software industry is a favourite sector in the Czech Republic and ...

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Collaborative project: Platform for Quality Evaluation of Mobile Networks

A preceding issue announced that the project would get underway in January 2014. We take this opportunity to report on its progress and to inform you of a few achievements. To refresh your memory, the project’s mission is to define the reference systems in France and in Europe for measuring the perceptual quality of mobile networks and services. This project is backed ...

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The importance of user context and performance

Webmasters beware: do not let your users’ browser ruin their online experience... and your online revenues. Based on two Czech examples, this article takes a look at how browsers can affect the response times and reliability of a website and discusses whether this is worth worrying about.   Back in the old days (sometime before 2010), Internet ...

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User timing

Conventional passive methods measure the time between a user action that results in page loading (such as a click on a URL) and the onload event. In particular this is the case of any method where the script is injected automatically into the web site that is being monitored, as is done by APM tools. This approach is perfect for sites that have a classic kind of design. It is much less perfect ...

Car performance
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What web performance means to car manufacturers

Together with our partner, Computerworld, this month we will be looking at performance benchmarks within the car manufacturing industry within the Czech Republic. This study will highlight the performance challenge experienced by the car industry.   The web performance race ip-label measures this months showed that Skoda website is on ...

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Big data: how to optimize the value of masses of data

Over 3 billion measurements - this is the volume of data ip-label processes each and every day for its two technological solutions together. Datametrie GX combines synthetic monitoring via robots with

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The Métroscope observatory

ip-label takes part in the Métroscope observatory. On the 3rd of October ip-label was involved in the 4th day-long event of the Métroscope observatory in France. Métroscope’s purpose is to provide the scientific community with an instrument for observing the digital world of the internet.   By providing the tools, data, and representations of these data ...