October 07 2020 By Posted in Product News

Ekara Studio: user journeys are finally easy to understand!

Application monitoring with robots entails setting up reference user journeys. These journeys or paths describe simply, step by step, the series of actions to perform on the application. Among the classic examples of user journeys are ordering items on an e-retail site or, in the corporate world, checking a supplier’s invoice on an accounting application. Robots run these ...

May 25 2020 By Posted in Product News

Introducing Ekara Real User Monitoring

Product line: Ekara Version: 20.1 Available from: June 2020   After many months of intensive work backstage, we are proud to announce the launch of Ekara, our brand new application monitoring product line.     Why Ekara? ip-label is putting on the finishing touches and getting ready for the kickoff of

May 04 2020 By Posted in Product News

Our Consulting team can lend a helping hand during these challenging times…

In addition to free monitoring for business continuity, ip-label is offering an exceptional discount of 15% on our consulting services for missions that are carried out remotely by mid-June. A number of services are eligible for ...

April 08 2020 By Posted in Product News

A new OCR tool for Newtest Robot

Product line: Newtest Version: Robot 8.2 Availability: May 2020   To carry out its task of monitoring of business applications in Windows environments, Newtest calls upon two key technologies: image recognition and optical character recognition.   Image recognition searches for graphical patterns on the screen and is recommended ...

April 06 2020 By Posted in Product News

Major revision of security protocols (TLS 1.2, SHA-512, AES)

Product line: Newtest Version: 4.2 Availability: Summer 2020 After a decade without any developments, web cryptographic protocols are undergoing a small revolution this year with the announcement of the deprecation of TLS 1.1.   The TLS 1.2 revolution! TLS is the cryptographic protocol used in all HTTP/S browser exchanges. It is ...

November 28 2019 By Posted in Product News

Expertise, assistance, advice… New consulting offers to help with your everyday needs

The latest satisfaction survey that was conducted among our customers taught us that people still are not very aware of all that our consulting services have to offer. We take the opportunity of this article to review what our offer consists of, and to give you a preview of our new expertise and assistance offers designed to match your ...

October 23 2019 By Posted in Product News

Newtest Alerting Module (‘NAM’) becomes a core module of Newtest Enterprise Portal

Alert fatigue is a well-known problem in the control room where too many monitoring systems too often send alerts that are not always relevant or lack the necessary high-level aggregation.   Newtest is one of the key monitoring technologies for modern Operations Teams when it comes to application performance measurements. As such, we, at ip-label had to make ...

October 18 2019 By Posted in Product News

Newtest now integrates 2 new plugins for Splunk & Nagios

Newtest2Splunk and Newtest2Nagios, for ready-made integration of Newtest data into your current systems monitoring.   Splunk

September 27 2019 By Posted in Product News

Welcome to Datametrie FLOW

Nowadays we are living in a ‘mobile first’ world: smartphones have become the leading device for using applications, even business apps. The DevOps revolution has totally revamped ways of developing software. Meanwhile, cloud computing has become the norm, and has imposed pay-per-use, subscriptions, and API interfaces. Because the world is changing, your needs are ...

June 11 2019 By Posted in Product News

New on our Newtest SaaS platform

If you are a customer (or future customer) of our Newtest full-service solution (Newtest SaaS or “NaaS”), get set for 2 significant innovations coming this fall: our latest Newtest version (Newtest v4) and new custom reporting!   The many advantages of our Newtest SaaS offer Our Newtest SaaS offer lets you delegate the upkeep of your application ...