March 04 2019 By Posted in Product News

Launch of Virtual Android monitoring

Over the past few years, ip-label has been providing mobile application monitoring on iPhone and Samsung Android physical devices. This type of monitoring is carried out from our datacenters in Paris and Stockholm. In addition, to cover more geographical areas, ip-label is now offering virtual Android monitoring over the cloud, starting in March ...

November 21 2018 By Posted in Product News

Newtest Mobile with Robot 8.1

With the forthcoming version of Robot 8.1, ip-label is making its new mobile server (AMS= Active Mobile Server) available to Newtest users.   This server is already in production for Datametrie SaaS, and can also manage the following devices: •    Android (physical or virtual) •    iOS (physical only) Newtest Robot is built on a new ...

October 02 2018 By Posted in Product News

Integrating Selenium with Newtest: why and how

Selenium is a collection of drivers which can steer a wide range of browsers like Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, and Edge, in addition to emulators. It’s all the rage with developers for non-regression testing of the user interface. Selenium is driven by a programming language (Java, Python, PHP…) which then provides for running ...

July 17 2018 By Posted in Product News

What’s new with Datametrie Mobile RIAlity

We are pleased to announce that the 4th generation Datametrie Mobile RIAlity service is available!   Datametrie RIAlity Mobile,  an integrated ‘Mobile APM’ offer In addition to supporting iPhone 8 and Galaxy A3, this new platform brings new management functions and lets you closely follow Apple’s major releases for its ...

June 16 2018 By Posted in Product News

The main features of Newtest Robot version 8

Newtest Robot version 8 has been available online for downloading since Q1 2018. This article summarizes the main features and upgrade principles to bear in mind.   Robot v8 new features The generic features of the Robot v8:     compatibility with NEP version 3.1 end-to-end security, ...

May 16 2018 By Posted in Product News

ip-label Tools: the new toolbox for accurate web optimizations

To give you insights into your performance problems and help you fix them more efficiently, ip-label is launching its platform to bring you a set of open-source tools dedicated to analyzing the design of your websites and web applications. Introducing… ip-label Tools!   Analyze your site to improve user experience Our platform is available ...

Black Friday
November 20 2017 By Posted in Product News

Is your website ready for the festive period?

The world has just found out how popular theoretical physics is to the public at large. Stephen Hawking’s 1966 PhD thesis was recently made available for free on the University of Cambridge website. Tens of thousands of visitors tried to access the site in only a few hours causing the site to crash. Still, people can hardly complain about a free resource being ...

October 20 2017 By Posted in Product News

Our Newtest SaaS offer

ip-label is offering Newtest as a Service, a solution which allies the powerful capabilities of controlled environment monitoring with the flexibility of a shared, remote management environment.   Newtest SaaS, a monitoring solution to improve user experience This solution, based on ip-label’s

September 05 2017 By Posted in Product News

New offer: Analysis of network flows

Our Consulting Team can enrich your understanding of how well your IT is functioning by setting up an audit of your network flows.   Fill the gaps in your QoE insights by analyzing your network flows The benefit of this solution is that you gain a quick and easy vantage point over 100% of your applications, 100% of your users, and 100% ...

May 22 2017 By Posted in Product News

Major new features of the Newtest 8.0 Robot

This article describes in detail two major new features of the Newtest 8.0 robot. These are the new video diagnostic format NVF, and the new function ClickOnObject.   Facilitate the analysis of errors The new video format, NVF, is a proprietary video format which makes differential captures of the Windows desktop in .bmp format by the robot ...