May 04 2017 By Posted in Product News

Datalimit offers expanded technological coverage!

The new version of Datalimit is able to stress environments and applications of all kinds (legacy, Citrix, thick client, and more). To address all of your app performance testing needs, ip-label proposes two types of service thanks to a new and shiny offer.   A stress test to de-stress your apps Performance problems can strike at any time in the lifecycle of an application ...

April 19 2017 By Posted in Product News

Datametrie GX, new features 2017

Discover our latest news about our solution Datametrie GX! All the latest updates and new functions summarized nicely here. Read on.   What's new with Datametrie GX in 2017? The first release of the Datametrie extranet of the year 2017 went live as of 2 February, ...

November 18 2016 By Posted in Product News

Datapm offer: new features

Datapm is the solution for monitoring the critical applications in your data center. This APM solution can instantly pinpoint the reasons behind the poor response times and errors affecting your users. Datapm is evolving and offers even more new features in addition to expanded coverage of applications (such as Citrix applications, ...

November 05 2016 By Posted in Product News

Mobile active monitoring

As regards mobile active monitoring, Datametrie’s robot bench was enriched in November with new Samsung Galaxy S6 devices. Active monitoring on real devices ensures that any malfunctions in your application occur on real devices, and not on emulators ...

October 18 2016 By Posted in Product News

Datapm audit

ip-label assists its many customers by additionally offering audits with the Datapm solution. Those of our customers who resort to Datapm auditing are often those who are having response time issues which they are unable to fix even after investigating - a process which can be long, expensive, and ineffective. User frustration ...

October 17 2016 By Posted in Product News

Changes to the DRP as of NMC 3.0.1R1

The Newtest business continuity or disaster recovery plan (DRP option) is designed to make probe monitoring and data collection available immediately on a secondary NMC site. This solution is built on a number of historical internal mechanisms of the Newtest solutions: replication of data from ...

September 20 2016 By Posted in Product News

Datametrie GX mobile app

The Datametrie application lets you access the console directly, and remembers the password. The new release offers landscape or portrait display in keeping with how the device is oriented:        

September 16 2016 By Posted in Product News

Datametrie latest release : level of navigation…

The latest release of the Datametrie extranet on Tuesday, 25 October offers a newly designed menu display, with a second level of navigation:  

June 29 2016 By Posted in Product News

RUM BI for business applications

Use of the RUM BI tracer for enterprise portals or web business applications is not well known, but is entirely possible both for SaaS versions and Office 365 through various content customization mechanisms. In Sharepoint 2013, the ‘Add-ins’ and ‘Web Parts’ let you add the JavaScript code, the ip-label RUM BI tracer which captures loading ...

May 29 2016 By Posted in Product News

Newtest: Disaster recovery plan (DRP)

As recently announced in the preceding issue of Newtest Mag, Newtest’s disaster recovery/business continuity function has evolved in version 3.0.1. It now includes the DR Director wizard for switching the NEP portal to a failover site and switching back to the NEP portal of origin when it becomes available again.     With respect to WMware ...