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Datametrie Mobile APM

Boosted by 4G deployment, mobile internet is on its way to becoming the primary means of communication in the near future. For native mobile apps as for responsive/mobile web sites, there are high stakes in performance.   Mobility: how things stand Creating a mobile app can be a laborious process when the phases of the development cycle are ...

March 25 2015 By Posted in Product News

Audio analysis with Newtest

The Newtest Robot / NTBR 7.6 CU7 offers a new primitive for sound recording: StartAudioCapture. This function enables you to perform the following actions: audio capture and transmission of the file to NMC supervision in the form of a diagnostic (generic sending function for ...

February 23 2015 By Posted in Product News

RIAlity offer, multiple-browser synthetic monitoring of your web site

2015 has seen the launch of RIAlity, a major enhancement to our Datametrie web offering.   RIALity provides the following new features: Support of multiple browsers: IE11, Chrome, and Firefox.  In keeping with changes in the ...

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Newtest V3 upgrade

Why you should upgrade to the new version You will be able to take advantage of the latest major developments in our Newtest solution, including: an improved interface easier administration new modular architecture   Improved GUI The interface has ...

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CloudScripting: visual replay of scenario operation from the monitoring console

We are pleased to inform you that several new features which were developed over the summer are now up and running in the Datametrie extranet: Calendar: flexible selection of start and end dates for a measurement observation period

November 30 2014 By Posted in Product News

Monitoring of your web applications has been enriched with Newtest 2014

This year we launched the major version Newtest 2014 whose features are in step with market evolutions and also take our users’ feedback into account. These new features fall into three areas: Monitoring of your web ...

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What’s new in Datametrie analysis of outside domains

Over the past year, the trend observed on the worldwide web (Alexa TOP100) shows that the number of domains included in a web page has risen by 50%.(Source :     Since December ...

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November 09 2014 By Posted in Product News

Newtest 2014 is out of the starting blocks

ip-label is proud to present the forthcoming Newtest 2014 suite. This year ip-label will add to its offerings a new Newtest software suite which will comprise robot and NTBR 7.6 products along with the NEP 3.0 server solution. Functional enrichments for this software suite have been added at every ...