June 04 2019

Webinar 20/06: The new web performance metrics, Speed Index and W3C

On the web, speed is of the essence. But which metrics can you rely on to describe your users’ real experience? It’s hard to find your way around all those metrics which calculate web page speed ...

June 03 2019

Mobile monitoring: iPhone XR is coming!

In the context of its mobile application monitoring service, ip-label offers monitoring of mobile applications from iPhone and Samsung Android devices. Our platform evolves continuously in pace with market developments. In 2018 we implemented iPhone 8 monitoring. In June 2019 we are setting up a new test bench incorporating iPhone XR.

March 29 2019

Webinar 18/04: How to ensure a smooth move to the cloud for your apps

The decision to migrate your applications to the cloud calls for careful consideration of end-user performance, so that user experience will not be negatively affected by the move. How will the migration affect application ...

March 19 2019

Introducing our new mobile app!

ip-label’s new mobile application is available at present on App Store and Google Play. You can now monitor your web and business applications or websites directly on your smartphone. With our Datametrie-compatible application (and Newtest-compatible application, coming soon), check up on the status of the user journeys monitored by ip-label.

February 14 2019

Find us at the Analytics and Data Science event in Finland

  ip-label is pleased to announce its participation in the Analytics and Data Science event in Helsinki, Finland, on April 2nd. Analytics and Data Science highlights the role of data science and machine learning at the heart of decision-making processes within the enterprise. This event brings together a range of participants to meet and exchange thoughts with specialists from ...