May 16 2014

Dataviz : Combine QoE with your business indicators

How can your QoE indicators best be exploited? With Dataviz, correlate all of your business indicators. User experience is not just a technical indicator, but one with a dimension that is vital for your business : how many users do you lose because of an incident or excessive loading time? How many orders don’t materialize, and what is the impact on your revenues?

April 17 2014

ip-label launch their 100 000th monitor !

 ip-label, European leader for Quality of Experience Monitoring launch their 100 000th monitor since their creation in 2001 to measure availability and performance of all digital services.   Measuring user experience since 2001 It’s 2001, the internet bubble has burst. There are 350 million web users in the World. WAP is born. George W Bush is elected president of the United ...

April 14 2014

Discover new generation monitoring with Newtest 2014

Newtest 2014: QoE monitoring just got better ip-label, leading provider of end-user experience monitoring solutions are pleased to announce the launch of a brand new version of the Newtest suite: Newtest 2014. This version ...

April 10 2014

How can you measure quality of experience for Citrix applications?

Join us on 29 April for a special Citrix monitoring webinar.  As a Citrix user, you are well aware that your distant users of citrix based solutions are heavily dependent uponapplication availability and performance to achieve business productivity goals. Given this business-critical reliance, the challenge is how to control and optimize service delivery of published applications to your ...

March 28 2014

ip-label is teaming up with the leader in the Swiss IT press,

ip-label is teaming up with the leader in the Swiss IT press,, to publish comparative studies of the quality of experience on internet services, in other words, the way performance is perceived by visitors who use these services., leader in the Swiss IT press is published by the U.S.-based International Data Group ...