Our CSR policy

Caring about our environment

Environmental responsibility is one of ip-label’s fundamental values, as much as innovation, our international outlook, listening to customers, respect, employee development, and the priority given to internal career mobility. Environmental responsibility, or “eco-responsibility”, means new choices in how we manage the company, what and how we purchase, and how we organize our work, in addition to investments and promoting workforce awareness.

We have initiated a major program in which all of ip-label’s employees are involved in France and at our 5 international offices.

The 8 priority focus areas that we have defined are the following:
–    save energy with precise monitoring of VMs in operation at cloud providers
–    conserve water
–    use less paper and ink (printing and photocopying)
–    curb the use of plastics
–    recycle equipment better, particularly computers and related hardware
–    recycle more efficiently and sort waste
–    choose more ecological transportation
–    raise awareness and train employees to think and behave in environmentally responsible ways

ip-label is a signatory to the Climate Tech’Care Initiative established by the French Conseil National du Numérique. As such, ip-label undertakes to marshal its efforts in favor of COP21 commitments to limit global warming.


Furthermore, ip-label is a signatory to the Planet Tech’Care manifesto. Led by the Numérique Responsable (‘Responsible Digital’) programme of Syntec Numérique, a French syndicate of businesses in the digital industry, Planet Tech’Care is a platform that brings together enterprises and educational institutions to take action in favor of ecology-aware digital and reduce the environmental footprint of digital professions.



A spirit of mutual help and sharing

ip-label is, at present, a European leader in measuring end-user quality of experience for all digital services. However, this was not always so. The company has not forgotten its humble beginnings back in the late 90s, as a start-up based in a garage somewhere near Paris.


Supporting the community and giving something back

ip-label has a presence around the world either directly at its local offices or via a network of certified partners. As a result of our international experience, we are fully aware of the importance of community and helping others. With this in mind, ip-label is committed to developing its social responsibility and social conscience.

“Sharing is a core company value, first of all with our employees in terms of information, the company’s capital and the notion of transparency. This also extends to the wider community, and affirms our sense of social responsibility. ” explains Eric Varszegi, CEO at ip-label.


Staff Involvement

The company has an ongoing initiative whereby employees are actively encouraged to become involved in community actions or non-profit organizations. Moreover, each year employees can recommend a program or organization that addresses the needs of local communities; for example, youth development, education, health care, etc. Each year our board of directors reviews all the proposals to select one or more programs which will receive official sponsoring from ip-label.



  • 2013 & 2014: The Fondation Lecordier – A foundation dedicated to helping homeless women in Paris
Fondation lecordier





“Thanks to your donation we are going to be able to provide shelter for a lot of women in need.  We can house women for more than 400 nights. This can really make a difference in their lives and provide them with shelter as well as security and of course dignity.” Agnès Lecordier, Founder, www.fondationlecordier.org.


  • 2012 / 2011: The Amour & Manon Orphanage, Republic of Benin
    Organization providing housing, food, security, food etc to orphans in the Republic of Benin
  • 2012 / 2011: Aidra / Emergence of Rugby in Gabon: http://www.aidra.org
    This organisation promotes, trains, and encourages children to play rugby in the Republic of Benin
  • 2010: French Red-Cross – Haiti http://www.croix-rouge.fr/
    After the 2010 earthquake in Haiti, a donation was made to the French Red Cross to provide urgent assistance to those affected by this natural disaster