Vision & Missions

Users expect an application or service to run perfectly, even in mobile situations.  Application performance, system performance, network quality and the quality of telecom services are all in it together… they all count and must all remain under control with a view to guaranteeing results.


Our vision : user experience at the heart of your strategy

At work, at home, on our smartphones, for all types of applications and contexts of use… Only the quality of experience delivered to users can guarantee satisfaction and enhance loyalty to the company or to the brand. ip-label has been assisting companies in their digital transformation for over fifteen years as a specialist in the measurement of user quality of experience


Our Mission: Improving Digital Experience

  • To facilitate operational excellence for businesses
    For many enterprises, faultless control over user-perceived quality now inflects how they create value, and consequently the validity of their economic model. In keeping with the business specificities of its customers and their business processes, ip-label implements unique measurement and analysis systems which secure optimal operation of key applications.
  • To measure users’ quality of experience
    At the heart of ip-label’s business for over fifteen years, measurement of the quality experienced by users has now become a must for all enterprises, regardless of the type of application or usage context.
  • To imagine the models of tomorrow: user-centric vision at the heart of big data
    A forerunner in its resolutely user-centric vision and analysis of big data, ip-label is by essence a privileged observer and player in the transformation of IP usages. As such, it assists enterprises by helping them to design and stabilize the economic models of the future, taking the fullest advantage of the data generated by new behaviors. In this way, ip-label brings its entire experience to the elaboration of its customers’ big data strategy.

By combining active monitoring and real-user monitoring, ip-label’s APM offering, the most complete in the market, helps companies keep their promises, a key ingredient to their success.