Business intelligence & Reporting

The CIO has to be able to present to the General Management and business managers a dashboard which reconciles user perception with the technical point of view.


A custom-designed reporting offer

ip-label has developed a service offer for designing and implementing a dashboard specific to your business. Dataviz allows you to reconcile user experience with the technical view, and track your quality of service commitments. It can be populated by metrics directly from ip-label measurement tools, as well as by your company’s internal metrics (measurements of the satisfaction rate, number of incident tickets, revenues, etc.).

Tableau de bord QoEThis service offer is managed as a project by a project manager appointed by ip-label.

The report design phases:

  • drafting of specifications describing the need,
  • development of the dashboard,
  • presentation of a prototype dashboard,
  • validation by the customer,
  • rollout.


Newtest Operation Portal (“image wall”)

The display of supervision data in control rooms must conform to rules of optimum efficiency and readability. They should require little or no action on the interface, provide a synthesis of information, supply indicators that are simple and designed to rapidly attract attention, etc. Newtest Operation Portal addresses these needs by opening up Newtest Management Console’s monitoring data via fully documented SOAP web services.

This facilitates:

  • integration of Newtest monitoring data into third-party products that display information in real time (hypervision consoles),
  • reporting of Newtest monitoring data on a fully customized web/intranet page,
  • control of Newtest robots and transactions via a remote interface.